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​2018 Restricted Rules:
All Drivers, Owners & Crew Persons are responsible to follow all safety rules & track rules of Dixon Speedway. Any person violating these rules may be subject to suspension &/or expulsion from the facility. This will be at the sole discretion of Dixon Speedway & it’s appointed Officials.


DISCLAIMER: All rules & regulations mat be changed/modified/adjusted as deemed necessary by Dixon Speedway. Rules are designed & enforced to maintain order & keep competition equal & safe.

AGE: 10 to 16 years old for this class. (subject to approval of Track Officials)

FUEL: Methanol only. No performance enhancing additives will be allowed, i.e. Power Mist, Propylene Oxide, Nitro Methane, M5, etc.

WEIGHT: Minimum weight for car & driver of this class is 740 lbs. All cars must meet weight requirement using scales provided by Dixon Speedway. Cars must go directly to scales as directed by Track Officials. Any driver failing to do so will be disqualified.

TIRE RULE: Hoosier Tires are mandatory on all 4 corners. Right Rear Tire must be Hoosier D25 or harder compound. Grooving & Siping will be allowed. Softening treatments are not allowed.

TRANSMISSION: All gears must be in the transmission & functional. Transmissions must be stock.

WINGS: Cars must run a 10 square foot fixed wing or larger with side boards. Front nose wings are allowed. No adjustable wing sliders allowed. Top wing: Cars must run a max 10 square-foot fixed wing. No mechanical, electrical or hydraulic adjustments are allowed in the cockpit area, for the wing or any other part of the car. Wing center section must be 48" wide x 30" deep.  Left side board must be 24" x 48".  right side board must be 18" x 48".  Side boards must be 90 degrees to the center section. Wings must be mounted parallel with cage. Top wings are mandatory to enter a night's event.  Nose wing: Nose wings cannot exceed 18" x 24".  Side boards are not to exceed 8.5" tall and 21" long.  No dual stage wings.

NUMBERS: All cars must have legible numbers in contrasting colors of the background color on both sides of the top wing, tail tank & on top of nose wing. Minimum height of numbers on the nose wing are 8”, 10” on the tail tank & 12” on the top wing. Numbers must be separated from advertisement so they are legible. It is recommended that cars have a 12” number on the top wing facing forward.

ENGINE RULES: All engines must be available to the general public from a known manufacturer for at least 2 years prior to use. No internal engine modifications allowed, i.e. ported heads, lightened cranks, lightened transmissions, etc. All engines must be a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, 600cc. All engines will run the stock stroke, stock bore, stock camshafts, stock ignition system & stock timing with all OEM internal & external parts for the model year of the engine used. No aftermarket or modified ignition triggers are allowed. Stock appearing ignition boxes only made by manufacturer of engine are allowed. Camshaft Sprockets may not be altered, i.e. no drilling or slotting of mounting holes & no cutting of cam sprocket bolts. Aftermarket valve adjustment shims & valve spring shims are allowed. Stock Valves & Springs must be run. Cylinder head deck clean-up is allowed, (no angle milling) maximum milling from stock is 0.010” (10/1000”). A stock head will be used for reference. Deck clearance of piston to be -0.002” or greater. Engines must be self-starting & flywheel attached to crank. Engines must be run as it came from the manufacturer with the internal charging unit & stator. Volts will be checked at the battery & stator. Visual inspection may be performed on flywheel & stator if deemed necessary by Officials. Aftermarket Air Boxes & Exhaust Headers are allowed. Engines may run a Windage Tray &/or modified Oil Pan. Traction Control devices will not be allowed. Intermixing of Silver/Silver Black/Black engine components will not be allowed.

EXHAUST: All cars must have their muffler mounted to the header & remain in place throughout the race. See General Rule 3.36.

CARBURETORS: Carburetors must be stock. No non OEM Carburetors allowed. The Metering Rods, Jets & Springs may be changed to tune the fuel curve to match the engines requirements. Engines that do not normally use Carburetors may run aftermarket Boots. There will be a 2 1/8” maximum from the bottom of the Billet Adapter to the top of the Rubber Boot. We will continue to inspect Rubber Boots as well as inside diameters for alterations. Carburetor adapter bottom dimension must be the same as stock OEM intake port opening. Adapter must have a straight flow path from the Carburetor to the Head with the unaltered mandatory King Racing Product’s ¾” plate in place. O.D. of Carburetor Adapter must allow rubber boot to fit tight as per original design. Funneling of Rubber Boots or inserting any material in the intake area to form a cone is not allowed. All restricted engines may be checked for intake leaks. Engines found having intake leaks will be disqualified. Manufacturered engines equipped with factory fuel injection may run a prior year’s carburetors. Carburetors only. Fuel Injection is not allowed in this class.

VELOCITY STACKS: Aftermarket aluminum stock length Velocity Stacks from Joe’s Racing Products are allowed as well as stock plastic Velocity Stacks. Short Velocity Stacks are not allowed.

RESTRICTOR PLATES: All engines must run a King Racing Products ¾” Restrictor Plate, unaltered. These plates will be bolted to the Cylinder Head below the Boot Adapter. These plates may not be modified in any manner. Any changes to the Restrictor Plate will result in automatic disqualification. Cones or Funneling in the Carburetor or Air Box systems are not allowed.

DRIVER COMPARTMENT ADJUSTMENTS: Cockpit adjustable Shocks & Weight Jackers are not allowed. Pan Hard Bar adjuster is allowed as long as the driver cannot reach the adjuster sitting in the seat. Electronic adjusters of any kind are not allowed.

GENERAL RULES: You must read & understand the general rules & regulations. All drivers & crew are responsible for knowing & following these rules & educating/ensuring their guest’s follow these rules.

PROTEST RULES: Please reference the Protest Rules (section 9) as all Drivers & Car Owners will be responsible for knowing & following these rules.

* All Rules are subject to promoter's discretion

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