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All Drivers & Crew Persons are responsible to follow all safety rules & track rules of Dixon Speedway. Any person violating these rules will be subject to suspension &/or expulsion from the facility. This is at the sole discretion of Dixon Speedway & its appointed officials.

All rules may be changed/modified/adjusted as deemed necessary by Dixon Speedway Officials. Rules are designed & enforced to keep competition equal & safe.


AGE: Minimum age for this class is 13 years old or 12 years old with at least 2 years of prior racing experience in the micro/mini sprints. Final eligibility is up to the discretion of General Managers.

FUEL: Methanol only. No performance enhancing additives allowed i.e. Power Mist, Propylene Oxide, Nitro Methane, M5, etc. See section 7 of General Rules for more information regarding Fuel Rules.

WEIGHT: Minimum weight of car & driver for this class is 780 lbs. All cars must meet weight requirement using the scales provided by Dixon Speedway. Cars must report directly to the scales as directed by racing Officials. Any driver that fails to go directly to the scales will be disqualified.

WINGS: Cars must run a 10 Sq. Ft. fixed wing or bigger with side boards. Front Nose Wings are allowed.

NUMBERS: All cars must have legible numbers in contrasting colors of the background color on both sides of the Top Wing, Tail Tank & on top of Nose Wing. Minimum height of numbers on the Nose Wing are 8”, 10” on the Tail Tank & 12” on the Top Wing. Numbers must be separated from advertisement so they are legible. It is recommended that cars have a 12” number on the Top Wing facing forward.

ENGINE RULES: All Super 600 cars must run a 4 cylinder, 4 Stroke, 640cc maximum displacement engine. A maximum of 2mm over stock bore, as manufactured, is allowed. Cars must be self-starting. Aftermarket Air Boxes & Exhaust Headers are allowed. All cars must have a muffler securely mounted to the Exhaust Header. Traction Control devices are not allowed.

Additional Engine Rules:
·         Head Clearance no restriction.
·         Crankshaft no restrictions.
·         Camshaft’s no restrictions.
·         Cam Gears no restrictions.
·         Connecting Rods no restrictions.
·         Pistons no restrictions.
·         Valves & Springs no restrictions.
·         Parts same year as engine no restrictions.
·         Stock appearing Black Box no restrictions.
·         Crank Trigger no restrictions.
·         Clutch Plates no restrictions.
·         Transmission no restrictions.
·         Charging system, no restrictions.
·         Cockpit adjustments allowed.
·         No Claimer rule.

DRIVER COMPARTMENT ADJUSTMENTS: Cockpit Wing adjusters are allowed. Weight Jackers are allowed. Pan Hard Bar adjuster is allowed. Electronically controlled Wing Slider is allowed but no other electronically controlled devices are allowed.

TIRE RULE: Hoosier Tires are mandatory on all 4 corners of the car. Right Rear Tire must be a Hoosier D25 or harder compound. Grooving & Siping will be allowed. Softening treatments are not allowed.

GENERAL RULES: You must read & understand the general rules & regulations. All Drivers & Crew are responsible for knowing & following these rules & educating/ensuring their guest’s follow these rules.

PROTEST RULES: Drivers & Car Owners Reference Protest Rules (section 9).

* All Rules are subject to promoter's discretion

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