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General RULES & Regulations:

Section 1: Race Procedures.
1.01: All Persons participating in a scheduled program, including but not limited to Participants, Equipment Owners, Pit Crew members & Guests or affiliated persons, assume full responsibility for any & all injuries sustained, including Death & Property damage, at any time they are on Dixon Speedway property, or in route to or from Dixon Speedway.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
1.02: Track Gen. Mgrs. & Officials are not responsible for any damage or theft of Trucks, Equipment, Tools or personal property on the premises. It is recommended that one person remain with personal property at all times to avoid possible theft and/or damage.
1.03: Driver Fees are to be paid for each class in which the driver chooses to participate in any given event. Once a car touches the track, no refunds will be given for that event.
1.04: No participant, equipment owner, pit crew member, guest or any other affiliated person shall have any claim for injury, expenses or otherwise against Dixon Speedway &/or it’s directors, officials, employees, volunteers by reason of disqualification, damage or injury to either equipment, participant or both. Any person whether participant, car owner, pit crew member, guest or other affiliated person further agrees that the race track is in a safe condition & usable if they take part in racing activities at Dixon Speedway.
1.05 No person will be allowed in the pit or spectator area until a wrist band has been secured for the scheduled event. Arm Bands must be in plain view at all times & are not transferable. Violation may result in a fine &/or disqualification of the participant & equipment associated with the violator &/or suspension or banishment from Dixon Speedway.
1.06: No person under the age of eighteen (18) will be permitted in the pit area without an accompanying adult & must be signed in. All persons under the age of 18 must be signed in with a signature from a parent or guardian. All Participants under the age of 18 must have a Minor Consent Waiver on file with Dixon Speedway Admin.. No person under the age of 18, except for a Participant, will be admitted to the infield area.
1.07: Reserved Pit Parking Spots are available for sale & reserved for you the for the entire racing season. See track officials at sign in booth for information & purchase. Once you have a reserved spot it will be available to you until an hour before pill pull closes.  Paid spots are only held for the person whose name they are under and are not transferable and cannot be traded or given to another racer for use if the racer is not able to make a race.  
1.08: There will be no alcohol consumption or use of any controlled substance on Dixon Speedway property during racing activities. If Dixon Officials have any reason to believe that a Participant is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, the officials reserve the right to perform any test necessary to ascertain the condition of a Participant to continue in any event. Any participant who exhibit’s evidence of using alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substance will be escorted from the pit area and any of the following, or combination of the following, penalties may be assessed at the discretion of the General Managers.
1.      Verbal Warning.
2.      Removal from Dixon Speedway property.
3.      Suspension from the night’s event.
4.      Suspension from any event for a time to be determined by the Gen. Mgrs.
5.      A fine up to $500.00
1.      Verbal Warning.
2.      Removal from Dixon Speedway property.
3.      Suspension from that night’s event.
4.      Suspension from any event for a time to be determined by the Gen. Mgrs.
5.      Fine of up to $500.00.
All fines must be paid in cash or money order before returning to the facility.
Note: Participants & Non-Participants may consume alcoholic beverages only after racing activity has come to a close on the Speedway. Drink responsibly.
1.09: The participant assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her pit crew &/or guests &/or any other person affiliated with his/her vehicle at all events. In every aspect, the participant shall be the sole representative for his/her car owner & pit crew in all manners pertaining to the race program & events.
1.10: No person shall participate in fights, physical or verbal, or conduct himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, including derogatory hand gestures &/or foul language, at any time in the pit area or on the raceway. Violators will be subject to any penalty, or combination of penalties, as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.11: No person shall intentionally cause damage to another person’s property, car, tools or equipment on the speedways premises. Violators will be subject to any penalty, or combination of penalties, set forth in section1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.12: No person shall subject any official, volunteer or employee of Dixon Speedway to abuse, including pushing, hitting or improper physical contact at any time. No person shall subject any official, volunteer or employee of Dixon Speedway to verbal abuse, including the use of foul language or hand gestures at any time. Violators will be subject to any penalty, or combination of penalties, as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.13: Participants agree to abide by official’s decisions. Decisions of race officials pertaining to on track observations & calls, interpretation of rules, race procedures, start & restart positions & scoring of positions shall be considered final.
1.14: Discussions with any Official or Gen. Mgr. pertaining to official race decisions may be held after completion of the final race of the program of that event, with the participant &/or car owner only, at the discretion of the referee or Gen. Mgrs. Being confrontational with the referee or Gen. Mgrs. or any Track Official during the race program will be subject to any penalty or combination of penalties as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.15: Participants, Pit Crew or Spectators are not permitted on the Race Track, in the Press area or in the officials’ observation area’s without specific permission of the officials. Violators will be subject to any penalty or combination of penalties as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.16: No participant shall take part or participate in any strike, boycott, oratorical campaigning or any other detrimental action or activity against a race official, Gen. Mgr., or sponsoring organization & their affiliates. Violators may be suspended &/or banished from the premises.
1.17: Track Officials reserve the right to deduct unpaid fines, outstanding debts, including bounced checks, owed by any Car Owner or Participant from any winnings earned.
1.18: It is the responsibility of Participant to make sure that all cash fines levied against him/her or any person associated with him/her are paid before start of next racing event. The Participant & his/her car will not be allowed to participate in any race until all fines are paid. Track Officials reserve the right to deduct any & all unpaid fines from the participant’s/ car owner’s winnings.
1.19: All participants must attend the drivers meeting. Roll call may be taken at the meeting & anyone found to be absent from the meeting may be required to start in the back of heat race.
1.20: Speeding in the pit area or track exit road is prohibited. Violators will be subject to any penalty or combination of penalties as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
1.21: No reckless driving will be permitted on Dixon Speedway property. No one will be allowed to drive any motorized vehicle on the premises without a valid driver’s license (Quads & racing equipment exempt).
1.22: When entering or leaving the pit area, drivers must use caution or be subject to penalty.
1.23: No Dogs or other pets are allowed in/on the premises during a racing event unless they are confined in a vehicle or on a leash.
1.24: Infield access: One representative for each car, currently on the track, is allowed in the infield Hot Pit area during main events only. However, each representative must stay within the Hot Pit area. If the representative is outside the Hot Pit area during the race, NO WARNING will be given & the violator will be escorted from the infield by an Official & will not be allowed to return for that night’s events. Upon second removal from the infield, the violator may be banned from the infield for the remainder of the racing season. To qualify as an infield representative, you must register at the sign-in booth for each event.
2.01: Race Format: The competition format may be altered by the Gen. Mgrs. at any time as deemed necessary.
2.02: Qualifying: Each Competitor is given two individual qualifying laps to determine where they will start in a heat race. Their fastest of those 2 laps will be the lap of record. If a competitor misses their spot in the qualifying order by more than two spots, they are allowed one qualifying lap at the end of the time trial session.

2.03: Heat Race: A 10 lap race that determines which cars will move on to the A-Main or B-Main. The top 4 cars in the heats transfer to the A-Main when there are 4 heat races.
2.04: Inversion: The top 16 cars from time trials are inverted in the heat races, meaning that the fastest qualifier in time trials starts in the 4th spot in the 1st heat. The 2nd fastest qualifier starts in the 4th spot in the 2nd heat. The 3rd fastest qualifier starts in the 4th spot in the 3rd heat, & the 4th fastest qualifier starts in the 4th spot in the 4th heat (when 4 heats are run). The 5th fastest qualifier starts 3rd in the 1st heat. The 6th fastest qualifier starts 3rd in the 2nd heat, and so on, working up to the 13th fastest qualifier starting on the pole of the 1st heat. The 14th fastest qualifier is on the pole of the 2nd heat. The 15th fastest qualifier is on the pole of the 3rd heat. The 16th fastest qualifier is on the pole of the 4th heat. The remainder of the cars are lined up heads up by their qualifying time, starting in the 3rd row of each heat race. The 17th fastest car in qualifying starts 5th in the 1st heat. The 18th fastest qualifier starts 5th in the 2nd heat & so on until the rest of the field is filled. In a 3 heat program, the top 12 qualifiers are inverted for the heat races. In a 2 heat program, the top 8 qualifiers are inverted for the heat races.
2.05: Trophy Dash: The 1st & 2nd place qualifiers go directly to the Dash who transfer to the A Main.  If you are in the B main you lose your qualifying time. 1st & 2nd place from each heat race, in a standard race program, qualify for the dash. If a fast qualifier places 1st or 2nd in a heat race, that opens up a slot for the next qualified driver from the qualifying list(ie: 3rd place qualifier, or etc.). These drivers will be lined up by their time trial time for the dash & then a pill will be drawn, either a 0, 4, 6, or 8 pill for the inversion of the dash starting lineup. The top starting positions in the A Main are then determined by the finishing order of the dash. NOTE: There must be a minimum of 4 cars to run a dash.
​There may not  be a Dash if there are less than 4 cars in a class. This will be at the discretion of the officials.
* If a driver is scheduled to be in the dash and is unable to compete, an alternate driver will not be used in this system.
* If you are scheduled to race in the dash & do not do so, you will be placed in the starting position in the main which your heat finish 
  qualifies you.
* If you miss qualifying and make it into the dash by finishing 1st or 2nd in your heat, you will start in the back of the dash, even if 
  there  is an inversion.
2.06: Main Event: The final race of the event which decides who is the overall winner of the event for your class. The A Main usually ranges from 20 to 30 laps. Number of laps will be announced at the drivers meeting. The A Main is 22 car max for all classes.
2.07: B Main: This is the final chance a driver has to make it into the A Main. Depending on the number of heat races run, the top 4 finishers in the B Main of a 4 heat race program or the top 6 finishers in the B Main of a 3 heat race program will transfer to the A Main. This is subject to change depending on the transfer number of cars into the A Main.
​   The B Main is 12 laps in length unless otherwise specified.  B Main finishes do not have a point rating. Only points will be given to members who make the A Main.

2.08: Point System:
Qualifying Points: 1st=30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, for 26th on down is 5 pts.
Heat Race: Place  Points                                  Trophy Dash: Place         Points (1Point per car)
                                  1             10                                                                        1                 4
                                  2              8                                                                         2                 3
                                  3              6                                                                         3                 2
                                  4              4                                                                         4                 1
                                  5              3                                      (points adjusted for number in cars in Dash)
                                  6              2
                                  7              1
                                  8              1
                                  9              1
                                10              1

  Main Event Points:
1st            55                     12th          30
2nd           50                     13th          28                    
3rd            48                     14th          26
4th            46                     15th          24
5th            44                     16th          22
6th            42                     17th          20
7th            40                     18th          18
8th            38                     19th          16
9th            36                     20th          14
10th          34                     21st          12
11th          32                     22nd         10

·    Passing Points will be given in Heat & Main Event Races. There will be 1 point per car passed based on your start & finish position.

- There will be one throw out race of the season which will be determined by your lowest point night.
·    To be eligible to race for a Point Championship, you must become a Dixon Speedway member before the start of the 4th race of the season. After that time, all points you have accumulated to that point will be lost if you are not a member. No exceptions.
·    There must be 4 members in a class to compete for a Championship.
·    To be eligible for Championship Trophy’s, you must race at least 50% of the season scheduled races.
·    Any driver showing up to race but unable to do so will receive 5 show up points. 5 points is the minimum points award for an  event.
​.    You will receive a 0 points value if you are unable to show for any scheduled event. This does not include rain-outs unless directed by the Gen. Mgrs.
·     You may review your point totals with the Point Keeper at any time you feel necessary during the racing season. Please schedule an appointment to do so by using the suggestion form or through social media to Dixon Speedway.

SECTION 3: Race Procedures:
3.01: The Speedway Officials have the right to reject the entry of any car, driver or person at any time.
3.02: No person may enter the race track until he/she has completed & signed all required releases, registration &/or entry forms.
3.03: No person shall be permitted to sign the waiver & release form for anyone other than himself/herself. Violators may be disqualified, &/or suspended &/or fined.
3.04: Female drivers will not be allowed to participate in any racing event while they are pregnant.
3.05: Any driver requiring transport to, &/or treatment, &/or examination at any hospital emergency room from the track, &/or examination by a doctor, must have a signed release from the examining doctor before resuming competition on the track.
3.06: Dixon Speedway Officials may eliminate any driver from competition should the driver be deemed physically or emotionally unfit to participate in a racing event.
3.07: All cars except Jr Sprints are required to participate in packing the track as requested by Officials. If a driver chooses not to participate in track packing, he/she will start in the back of the heat race.
3.08: Car & driver must be in the qualifying line when called. If you miss your qualifying position by 2 cars, you will receive 1 qualifying lap at the end of your class session.
3.09: A car will have 1 attempt to complete 2 consecutively timed laps for qualifying. There will be no second attempts allowed unless the time clock malfunctions or there is interference from the previous car. In case the time clock malfunctions or interference is made, the car will be permitted to take the additional laps needed to complete proper timing. In case of transponder malfunction, if it is found that the transponder is properly installed and is not working, the driver will have the opportunity to install a different transponder then get the required laps to get a qualifying time. If it is found that the transponder is not on the car or not in the proper location, the driver will forfeit his/her qualifying laps & start in the rear of the assigned heat race.
3.10: The fastest timed lap shall be the car’s official qualifying time. In the case of a tie, the car first to qualify will be awarded the fastest time.
3.11: Any car that does not receive a qualifying time will start their heat race in the rear. In the case of multiple cars not receiving qualifying times, they will be placed last in pill draw order.
3.12: As each car completes its qualifying laps, it will proceed to the place designated by the Track Official on the backstretch. All cars will likely be weighed after qualifying. Failure to report as instructed will result in disqualification of your time.
3.13: A driver may qualify only 1 car in each division they wish to race in.
3.14: No driver changes may be made without first notifying a Gen. Mgr. or the Scoring Official. Any driver change unreported will result in disqualification & forfeit any money & points earned in that race event. No class changes or additions shall be made without notifying Track Officials. A driver wishing to race a second class in an event must pay the entry fee for that additional class.
3.15: If a driver switches cars during an event, all points accrued to that point will be lost & driver will be starting over on points for that event.
3.16: Each driver must be ready when his/her event is called. When called, the driver must immediately proceed to the staging area. There will be ample notification of each race but don’t solely rely on the Officials to call you. Keep an eye on the staging area & be ready for your race. We do not line up the original start.
3.17: Cars that are considered late to their assigned race will be put to the rear of the line-up. When the cars on the track are lined up in race order, the driver or drivers that are late will be given 2 laps to make the race. If the late drivers are not on track after the 2 laps, the field will shift straight forward. If the late driver/s make it on the track before the flagman gives the 1 to go signal, you will line-up in the rear of the field. Consideration will be given to a driver running in multiple classes.
3.18: Track officials will direct the cars to their re-start positions. There will be no discussion or argument as to your position. A driver will be given 1 warning as to the position to line-up in. If a driver refuses to get in the proper position as directed, the driver will be black flagged & disqualified from the current race.
3.19: Raceceivers are mandatory at Dixon Speedway & are used by Officials to set line-ups. If you do not listen & respond to direction given, you will be placed in the rear of the field.
3.20: An infield work area known as the Hot Pit area will be designated by Track Officials & working on cars during racing will take place in this area only. Hot Pit area will be used only during Main Events.
3.21: Re-entry onto the track from the Hot Pit area is allowed on the back straight only & under a yellow flag only. Cars must be started & running in the infield before entry on the track.
3.22: After the checkered flag has flown & your car has crossed the finish line, you must slow down entering turn 1. Any driver staying on the gas for more than half a lap after crossing the finish line may be assessed a 1 position penalty on the finish for recklessness.
3.23: The top 5 finishing cars will be weighed/tech after the Main Event. Back Straight Official will signal which cars must weigh. Any car that is required to weigh but does not will be disqualified.
3.24: Cars that leave the track during a race & enter the Pit Area will not be allowed to continue in that race.
3.25: Any Pit Crew Member or Driver leaving the Hot Pit area during racing will subject their car to disqualification for that race.
3.26: Tools & other equipment may not be tossed over the fences or track walls into the hot pit area or to persons in the infield area. Violators will be disqualifying the cars they represent for that race.
3.27: During a red flag condition, the Officials may allow Pit Crews in the Hot Pit area to assist their driver with repairs or adjustments. All crew members must enter the Hot Pit area through the front stretch gate before the start of the race. Any Crew Member or Spectator entering the track in an unauthorized manner will be ejected from the facility & may subject the car they are affiliated with to disqualification.
3.28: Refueling will be allowed only by permission of the Track Officials during racing. If cars are going to be allowed to take on fuel, Track Officials will announce a refueling stop if deemed necessary.
3.29: Any car that comes to a stop on the racing surface during a yellow flag condition & requires assistance to restart will be placed in the rear of the field for re-start. A car causing a second yellow or red flag in the same race will be black flagged from that race. The finishing position of such car will be determined by the number of laps completed.
3.30: Involvement as described in 3.29 above includes spinning out, crashing or causing another car to spin or crash & cars that are stalled or come to a stop on the racetrack under a yellow flag.
3.31: Any car entering the hot pit area without being directed by a Track Official during a yellow flag period may re-enter the race but be placed at the rear of the field or as otherwise directed by Track Officials.
3.32: Track Officials have the right to call a car into the Hot Pit area for inspection for safety purposes & re-position the car back in the field in their proper spot.
3.33: Rough driving will not be tolerated & any driver guilty of rough driving will be penalized at the discretion of the race officials. Penalties for rough driving may include any one or more of the following;
Loss of position anytime during or after completion of the race, removal from the race, loss of money &/or points earned for that race, a fine, suspension, disqualification for the event, probation or removal from the speedway premises.
3.34: Rough driving includes unnecessary bumping other cars, crowding, chopping off, aggressive corner charging & intentionally cutting the track.
3.35: Any cars which are throwing or leaking fluids, smoking excessively or appear to be mechanically unsafe will be given the Black Flag. You must pull into the infield for inspection.
3.36: All cars must start & finish a race with all engine parts, such as exhaust header, muffler, etc. intact. If during a race, exhaust parts become loose or fall off of the car &/or Track Officials feel there is a safety hazard involved, that car will be given the Black Flag. If a car is Black Flagged & finishes the race with the muffler missing, that car will be scored as DNF.
3.37: If a car becomes disabled on the race track, the driver is required to stay in the car until officials require you to exit the car. (safety concern excepted) Any driver exiting the car to protest or gesture another driver will be escorted out of the facility & subject to 1 or more penalties as described in rule 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
3.38: Any car that breaks down during racing, the driver shall attempt to coast to the infield area & stay with the car to assist Officials with removal of the car after the race. Any driver that abandons his/her car in the infield may be disqualified from that racing event & forfeit any money & points earned for that race.
3.40: No driver may stop his/her car on the race track during a racing event or after the completion of a race for any reason other than safety or at the discretion of a Track Official, Violators may be disqualified.
3.41: No complaints or protests will be heard by the General Managers until the final race of the event has been completed. Any complaints or protests shall be directed to the Gen. Mgrs. by the driver or car owner only. Being confrontational with the Gen. Mgrs. or any Track Official at any time will subject you to penalty or combination of penalties as set forth in section 1.08 of these rules & regulations.
3.42: Judgement calls made by Track Officials cannot be protested.
3.43: All technical disputes are to be settled immediately after the completion of the event.
3.44: Rookie Eligibility; A rookie shall be a driver who has not competed in more than 4 race events in his/her class in the prior race season. A driver is not eligible for rookie of the year if he/she has competed in a higher class at any track & stepped back down into a lower class. A rookie must also declare rookie status to the head Official & upon sign-in of the race season. A driver declaring himself/herself as rookie, & wanting to be eligible for rookie of the year, must start the first 3 races at the back of the field & run a yellow rookie flag on the back of the roll cage. The Officials reserve the right to continue to declare the driver a rookie for an undetermined number of races if they feel the driver is not ready to advance (meaning the driver will continue rookie status & run a rookie flag & start in the back of the field). The rookie having the most points at the end of the race season will be declared the rookie of the year.
3.45: A functional Raceceiver must be utilized by all drivers when on the race track in order to receive instruction from Officials. If the Raceceiver fails to work or driver does not have one, the driver will be given one warning to remedy the problem. If the driver fails to correct the problem, he/she will start in the back of the field for all races until the problem is corrected.
3.46: Any car a lap down will be placed in the rear of the cars on the lead lap if a caution or red occurs.

4.01: The Flagman controls the race event from start to finish. All drivers must watch & obey the Flagman.
4.02: Green Flag; Initially starts a race. The flagman will display the Green Flag as the cars exit the turn 4 area if the cars are lined-up properly. Cars must maintain their designated starting positions until the green flag is displayed. The pole car sets the pace for the start at a reasonable parade lap speed. It is the responsibility of the outside pole car to keep pace with the pole car. If necessary, there will be 2 attempts at a clean even start. If in 2 attempts a clean start is not obtained, the officials will adjust the front row cars & the car/s that that jump the start will be moved back one row & the car/s in row 2 will become the front row. A cone in turn 4 will mark the area that the front row cars can begin acceleration. Once the green flag is displayed, it’s ON!!!  Passing is permitted.
4.03: Re-starts; All re-starts will be single file & all cars must remain single file till you pass the cone in turn 4. Single file is described as follows: must keep your car within the frame work of the car in front of you, nose to tail. You must maintain a steady speed coming to the Green. Any brake checking or changing of speeds will be considered a foul & you will be assessed a 2 position penalty. The penalty will be assessed at the next caution flag or at the end of the race, whichever comes first. Once the Green Flag is displayed upon restart, passing is not allowed until you pass the cone positioned in turn 4. You may not hit the cone, pass before the cone or go below the cone. If you pass before the cone, you will be assessed a penalty based on the number of cars passed. Hitting the cone or going below the cone is a 2 position penalty. Penalties will be assessed at the next caution flag or end of the race, whichever comes first.
4.04: Yellow Flag; When a yellow is displayed, all drivers must immediately slow down safely & fall behind the leader single file. Watch & avoid any cars &/or officials that may be on the track to assist crash victims. Yellow flag laps are not counted so do not race to the yellow flag at start/finish line. The position of the cars for a re-start will be set based upon the last completed green flag lap.
4.05: Blue Flag w/ Diagonal Yellow Stripe; Signals slower cars to hold your line. This is a courtesy flag & displayed to cars being lapped by lead cars. This is not a move-over flag or are you to slow because the leaders are passing. You are to simply maintain your current racing line.
4.06: Red Flag; All cars are to immediately & safely come to a stop on the racing surface.
4.07: Black Flag; Report immediately to the infield area for consultation or to correct an unsafe situation with your car. Failure to obey a Black Flag will result in discontinued scoring of your car. This is not the time to argue with Track Officials on the call.
4.08: White Flag; Signals all racers that the last lap of racing has started.
4.09: Checkered Flag; Race is completed. All cars must safely slow once you have passed the finish line.
4.10: Red & Yellow Flags displayed together; Signals complete re-start. Cars will be lined-up in their original order. Any cars involved in a caution will start in the rear.

SECTION 5: Safety;
5.01: A full set of racing flags will be used in all races at Dixon Speedway. Additional yellow & red flags will be used by corner workers to assist flagman & signal drivers when there is a caution on the track.
5.02: The following safety equipment is mandatory for all drivers participating in any racing activity at Dixon Speedway:
5.03: Helmets must be full face coverage auto racing type with a safety face shield and one of the two latest Snell approvals.
5.04: All drivers must wear an SFI approved flame retardant racing suit. Rated 3-2A5 or better. All single layered suits must be worn with Nomex Underwear. Karting & Motorcycle gear is not allowed.
5.05: SFI approved racing gloves.
5.06: Flame retardant racing shoes.
5.07: SFI approved Head & Neck Restraint. (HANS, Necksgen, Simpson, etc.) Neckroll unacceptable.
5.08: Arm restraints adequate to keep the driver’s arms & hands contained within the roll cage area.
5.09: Racing seat with side head containment &/or cage net.
5.10: Seat Belts/Harness; 5 point correctly installed & not more than 3 years old.
5.11: All mechanically operated devices accessible to the driver must be mounted below the driver’s shoulders for safety.
5.12: Chain guards must be installed on all cars where chains are exposed to the driver. Minimum material thickness is 0.090”. The chain guard must meet the official’s approval.
5.13: Chassis: Roll Cage material specs.
·         1 inch OD .062 wall thickness Chrome Molly tubing.
·         1 1/8 inch OD .065 wall thickness
·         1 ¼ inch OD .065 wall thickness
5.14: Any Car that rolls over or is involved in a serious accident must be inspected & approved by a Track Official to continue competition.
5.15: Car safety inspections may be made at any time by Track Officials. Any car can be disqualified from competition if it is found to be unfit for competition.
5.16: Fuel Tanks for all classes must be equipped with a one-way check valve designed to prevent spillage of fuel from the tank in case of a roll-over.
5.17: A functioning Raceceiver is required by all drivers to receive instructions from Track Officials. Failure to use a Raceceiver could lead to disqualification. Absolutely no crew to driver radio communication will be allowed.
5.18: It is strongly recommended that a Bladder be used in the fuel tank of the race car for enhanced safety & fuel containment during an accident.

SECTION 6: Mechanical/Technical Inspections.
6.01: Track Officials reserve the right to judge, decide & establish what constitutes a legal race car.
6.02: Track Officials reserve the right to subject any car to a mechanical inspection at their discretion.
6.03: It shall be the responsibility of the driver or car owner to prepare the car for any inspection requested by Track Officials. Failure to comply may result in disqualification of the car & driver.
6.04: Two Team Members may be present in the inspection area.
6.05: Any car that is requested to be inspected & is not taken immediately to the designated inspection area or is removed from the racing premises without permission may be subject to disqualification.
6.06: It is mandatory that a driver stay seated in his/her car until the car is weighed & the weight recorded. A car is allowed one re-weigh. Driver must remain seated in the car & not leave the scale area.
6.07: At a minimum, the top 5 finishers in a main event will be subject to weighing & also may be subjected to technical inspection.

7.01: Approved Fuel for Jr Sprints is VP 110 racing gasoline. All Micro Sprint classes Methanol only. No blending or octane improving additives will be allowed. Any Top End lubricating oil used must not contain any fuel performance enhancing agents. Your fuel is subject to sampling & testing at any time while on Dixon Speedway premises.
7.02: Fuel is available for purchase at the track & it is required you purchase your fuel there to provide equality of the fuel for all competitors.
7.03: Violations for Illegal Fuel;
·         1st violation; Disqualified from the nights race program. Loss of highest point race value for the season, $300 fine plus any laboratory fees if applicable.
·         2nd violation; Disqualified from the nights race program, loss of all points accumulated to date, $500 fine plus laboratory fees if applicable.
·         3rd violation; Disqualified from the nights race program, loss of all points acquired to date, $1000 fine plus laboratory fees if applicable.
If car owner/driver refuses any technical inspection at any time, penalty will be disqualification from the nights race program, loss of all points acquired to date & $1000 fine. Penalties for any subsequent refusals of tech inspections will be determined by the Track General Managers.
7.04: Any driver/car owner may protest a racer’s fuel or oil any time up to 10 minutes after the last race the car was entered. Fuel sample will be collected & sent to an independent testing laboratory for analysis. A protest fee of $200 will be deposited with a Gen. Mgr. at time of protest along with a filled out protest form. If the fuel is found to be legal, protesting party forfeits protest fee. If fuel is found to be illegal, protest fee will be returned to protesting party & violator will be dealt with as described above in fuel violation section 7.03

SECTION 8: Car Specifications;
8.01: All cars must be equipped with a Transponder either rented from the track or participants own. The bracket location for the Transponder must be on the right side of the car front panel 12 inches from the ground & 22 to 24 inches behind the front axle. Any driver without this device will not be scored during the racing events.
8.02: Only foot operated throttles are permitted. After inspection by a Track Official a hand throttle may be used if driver is physically unable to operate a foot throttle.
8.03: All cars must have complete bodies. Tail sections must be in place during all races.
8.04: All cars must have legible numbers on both sides of the Tail Tank, Top Wing & Nose. The color of the numbers must contrast with the background color of the car. Wingless cars must have a number on the nose of the hood, on both sides of the Tail Tank & the right side of the car. All car numbers must be a minimum of 8” tall on the nose, 10” on the tail & 12” on the wing.
8.05: Cars with duplicate numbers will require a temporary number change or add a letter to their existing number. Must be same size as original number to facilitate car identification.
8.06: Any material used for the purpose of adding weight to the car must be firmly attached to the cars main structure. Your car number should be imprinted on this material for I D purposes should it fall off.
8.07: Steering: Front Wheels must be connected by a solid or tubular tie rod of proper strength.
8.08: Fuel Pump Switch must be easily accessible & properly labeled for quick shutoff by track officials.
8.09: No rear view mirrors or any item positioned in such a way that it can be used as a rear viewing device.
8.10: On & Off Switches for all major car functions must be on the dash, properly labeled & functional.
8.11: There must be a sheet metal firewall between the engine compartment & the driver.
8.12: Cars must be equipped with a roll cage of sufficient strength to support the weight of the car & driver. Must be a minimum of 3” above the driver’s helmet & maximum of 6” above.
8.13: All cars must be equipped with nerf bars. Nerf bars must extend out to the inside outer edge of the tire but not beyond the outside of the tire with a 4” tolerance.
8.14: Brakes must be in working order & of sufficient power to stop the car in a reasonable manner.
8.15: Mud Guards are allowed only if constructed of aluminum or fiberglass material.
8.16: All wet cell batteries mounted in the driver compartment area must be covered & vented outside the cockpit area. Sealed wet cell batteries should be covered as well. Dry cell batteries recommended.
8.17: Any car equipped with a shifting mechanism must have this device mounted inside the driver’s compartment. Shift mechanisms may be mounted outside the driver’s compartment only if it is on the opposite side of the chain drive.
8.18: Hoosier Tires are required on all 4 corners of the car except 250 Micro class. Right Rear Tire must use the Hoosier D25 or harder compound. RR tire must durometer at 48 minimum. Grooving & Siping are allowed however softening treatments or traction compounds are not allowed.
SECTION 9: Engine Protests & Penalties;
9.01: Engine Protests must be signed & include the Protest Fee. Protest must be made to a Track General Manager within 15 minutes after the completion of the nights racing program. Only the top 3 finishing positions may be protested by a driver or car owner of the same class finishing in the top 5 that night.
9.02: Protesting Fees:
·         Jr Sprint; $500
·         Restricted; $1000
Protesting Person must present a cashier’s check, money order or cash deposit. The engine will be confiscated & sent to a track approved facility for tear-down & inspection by a qualified technician. If the engine is found to be legal, protesting party will forfeit all money deposited. Jr Sprint owner will receive $300 for engine re-assembly & the track will receive $200. Restricted owner will receive $750 for engine re-assembly & the track will receive $250.
If an engine is found to be Illegal, protesting party will receive their protest fee back minus inspection fee.
Engines will be returned to the protested owner disassembled.
9.03: Dixon Speedway will not be held responsible for any cost’s incurred for a protest. All fee’s must be paid by cash or money order before an engine will be returned & before the contestant can return to the racing facility. Fee’s must be paid within 30 days from the date the engine is deemed illegal. If the fees are not paid within 30 days, the engine becomes the property of Dixon Speedway.
9.04: Penalties for Illegal Engine;
·    1st violation; Disqualified from current nights race program, loss of highest point race value from the current race season & $500 fine.
·    2nd violation; Disqualified from current nights race program, loss of all points to date & $1000 fine.
·    3rd violation; Disqualified from current nights race program, loss of all points to date, $1000 fine & driver or owner is subject to suspension for next 3 race programs & not allowed in the Pits.
If car owner/driver refuses any tech. inspection at any time, penalty will be disqualification from current nights race program, loss of all points to date & $1000 fine. Additional penalties will be imposed for any subsequent inspection refusals at the discretion of the track General Managers.
9.05: Any competitor in violation of these rules & has any unpaid fines &/or penalties at Dixon Speedway may be refused service at Delta Speedway, Plaza Park Raceway & Lemoore Raceway until said fines are paid & penalties have been served.

​*All rules are subject to promoter's discretion

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